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The great thing about choosing to go down this path is that it is no longer to be considered a “luxury” option. When “going green” first entered our lives, it was a costly game to play; it made sense for those willing and able to pay big prices to do their part.

 Now, doing your part means choosing to install durable products that last longer, thereby not needing to be replaced so quickly. It means making renovation choices that make better use of energy in your home, saving you money right away. With the help of green renovation experts from Contracting by Us, you can be friendly to your budget while being friendly to the environment.


Eco Friendly Construction

We Eurowood Carpentry 2000 Inc. use products that are not harmful to the earth

 Make good use of energy in your commercial space

 Install products that can be recycled or disposed of safely afterwards, or use products that have previously been recycled

 Donate/recycle reusable items removed during demolition

 Install eco-friendly, sustainable products

 A green Green build project that is as eco-conscious as possible? An energy efficient basement that will save you money in the long term? Let us help you make the decision that is right for you. Talk to us first. You’ll be glad you did!

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