Privacy Policy

We provide to our clients domain name registration in their behalf through GODADDY as well as hosting and custom design, and we register their domains under our ownership using our contact information for the ease of use and handling and whenever the client asks for his/her domain authorization code we handed over to them based on their request.

If any client ask to move out and continue his / her website domain and hosting somewhere else, we gave them their authorization code and unlock the domain so they can complete the domain transfer process and we never hold a domain, and what ever paid in the hosting we will stop billing accordingly but we do not give our websites designs to any client and all what we designed remain with us and the client has to purchase another website design from where ever or who ever provider they are going to and we delete and remove the design permanently and never used again to any other business, THE ONLY WEBSITE DESIGN WE GIVE A COPY TO THE CLIENTS IF IT IS $1500 AND UP, BUT LESS THAN $1500 WE DON’T GIVE A COPY OF THE WEBSITE DESIGN TO ANY CLIENT AND WE DELETE THE DESIGN AND NEVER USE AGAIN.

We give all our clients FREE updates in their websites such as updating new images and projects within the same number of pages the client purchased but if the client requesting extra pages the client will be charges based on the number of pages ( 1 page or 2 or more etc..) and we charge $150 per page.

Some times we upgrade the designs of the website as a courtesy when the client stays with us for long period of time ( normally after 5 years ) but if the client decides to leave us after, we have the full rights to keep the design of the website and not to be given to the client.

Prices of bundles are subject to be changed with out further notices.